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Healing Through Divine Yoni Steaming

The Journey to Self Renewal

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About Bethany Rose Healing, LLC

Bringing You the Goodness of Yoni Steaming

Welcome! At Bethany Rose Healing our goal is to provide you Yoni, aka vaginal, steaming  to assist you in bringing forth the best version of yourself, mind, body and soul. 

Yoni steaming has been practiced by women for women dating back before colonization. Many women of color across this beautiful globe, have used steaming as a way to heal themselves from infections, vagina dryness, postpartum, labor assistance, and emotional release. 

As certified yoni steam facilitators, we use only organic herbs grown with love and use specific herbs for their medicinal properties. These herbs are hand selected for each woman after they complete their intake form. 

Situated in Long Beach, CA,  we are open for clients to visit our beach front home studio, or book a pamper party where we will travel to you. 

We’re excited to introduce you to the healing and relaxation that comes from Yoni steaming. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?

Personally, Yoni Steaming has helped us become more aware of our body, how we feel throughout our cycle, and have pain free periods. 

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Services Malinda Provides

New Client Steam

Consultation + One on One Steam

Join me at my Sacred Oasis and treat yourself to some TLC.

Intake form must be complete before appointment.

No steaming during listed contradictions. 

Please complete intake form 24 hours before session:


My Tribe Yoni Steam:

One on One Steam @ My Home Oasis

Returning clients are apart of my tribe!

Using a custom herb blend, this one-on-one experience will leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Complete intake form must be complete before appointment ALWAYS.

Please complete intake after booking:


Pamper Party

Go With the Flow

Having a girls day coming up? I wanna come! Let’s hang out, chat about our womb health and womb care, and steam together! I’d love to meet you just about anywhere in LA and OC County. 

Please have all parties complete intake 24 hours before gathering:


Sacred Womanhood Welcome

Body & Mind

Our little girl has finally got her period? Let’s celebrate! Let’s make some time to share with her womb care, womb health, and our sacred womb function. She’ll walk away empowered with knowledge and understanding on her reproductive system and how to keep her nurtured. 

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Reclaiming my Body 

  • I've gotten steamed by Malinda with Bethany Rose twice & It was an amazing experience! The first time was nervous but she made me feel comfortable and explained what the process would look like from beginning to end. She's even transparent about the herbs she uses & teaches you how to steam at home. Immediately after the steam I felt noticeably different and like there was a release in my womb. I felt so light and new in my body. A week after I did that Yoni Steam, I had no pms symptoms! My period was a few days away and I felt amazing still. I know for a fact that Yoni steam made a difference! I also experienced similar results after the second time with my cramps not being nearly as painful and that my uterine muscles were finally relaxing! Thank you Malinda for offering this gift!


Yoni Feeling Good

What an amazing experience! Malinda is so knowledgeable about the different herbs she uses and she even created a steam based on my specific needs! I love the ambiance she's created as you feel safe and relaxed throughout the process and I felt the benefits even after the first time doing it!


Girl’s Day Was A Hit

Malinda hosted our girl’s day at The Oasis Studio and we LOVED it! She is such a welcoming host! The studio was clean and had all the champagne we needed! She guided us through a mediation, steamed us, and held space for our womb questions. I recommend!

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