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@ Home Steaming

Okay sis, the time is here. You are steaming in your own sacred palace! I'm so pumped for you. Steaming before bed, after a salt bath, before (or after) divine love, or whenever has become one of my favorite rituals!

When approaching any healing modality, it is important to see and honor the practice as a ritual.

Here are my top tips!

  • Clean your space.

Physically clean your space and energetically clean. Consider energetically cleansing by opening a window, burning sage, and turning on binary beats (Hz 432).

  • Set your intentions.

What do you want to receive and/or release from your ritual time?

If you have capacity, consider writing your intentions down. Whatever you do, make sure you're taking intentional time to truly be present with yourself and your needs/desires at the present moment.

  • Get your playlist together.

Check out my favorite steaming playlist, or just turn on some Beautiful Chorus!

  • Put your phone on DND.

And if you a momma, lock the damn door too! This is sacred space and time, JUST FOR YOU!

  • Light a candle, light some incense, and grab your crystals!

Don't forget to charge your crystals with moon energy and/or sage!

  • Check out my Youtube on DIY Steam Setup!

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