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Patiently Waiting

This morning I woke up sure to heaven that I was done with my day job and needed to start my next venture, but then my first visitor of the day was a student who graduated last year and is really one of the lights of my life. His character, authenticity and love makes him one of my favorite people under 20.

He caught my partner and I up on life- he's currently enrolled a local community college- and shared that he's taking a Black Studies course. He told me that he didn't like too many Black people before me, but I really encouraged him to dig deeper into Black history and he hopes that his class is filled with 30 people just like me.

This filled my soul!

A little later, another student who I previously encouraged to go to a therapist (trying to do my part in breaking the stigmas of people of color going to therapy) agreed to take an extra course to make up credits. He then told me that he only does these things because I tell him to and he doesn't value too many other people's opinions.

Oh my gawd y'all. The omens have spoken and I'll be patient in this season!

-Malinda Rochelle

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