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The Teas You Need

The Teas You Need

Winter is here and it's essential that we're nourishing our bodies, souls, and pussies!


Moon Tea- This tea is crafted specifically to support with your moon time needs. Get some good rest, release cramps, and decrease PMS with this tea. 


Nourishing Pussy Tea- This tea is crafted to support with nourishing our blood with nutrients, while hydrating our kidneys (cause thats what keeps our pussies wet), and detoxing our body.  


Clean Pussy Tea- This tea is crafted with drying herbs to support with relieving the excess dampness in our bodies that is creating and feeding infections, fibriods, cyst, and abnormal discharge caused by mucus. 


Prostate Tea- This tea is for our men! The herbs crafted in this blend are nourishing for the kidneys to support with healthy kidney function, which directly impacts the prostate. 


Consider sipping your tea as you steam, bathe, or engage in other rituals.  


*When drinking teas as a form of medicine and true nourishment, consider drinking these teas 2-3 times a day. 

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